Weaving a beautiful basket for my vastness.

For the longest time I have lived with the knowledge that I am interested and capable of doing a number of things. I have gone on to do a lot of different and amazing things. I have at times felt the pressure “to choose one and stick to it”. The times when I felt the pressure had more to do with those moments when I was allowing society’s template to make me question my journey and right to create my own template towards being better and better at living my truth. On good days I embrace my vastness and own my multiple gifts and the work that calls me.

makwande.republic is the basket I am intricately weaving to contain all of me. I also know that there are others who resonate with this thinking who have had similar struggles, fears, breakthroughs and revelations. I believe in community, tribes, collaborations, imagination, re-imagination and co-creations because as they say “better together’ so consider this an invitation to play.

I dare to call myself an Ideas Engineer because its the closest English word to capture all that I am and all that I bring. I have the right to name myself.

It took me a while and a lot of work to get to a point where I can put myself out in this way. I have done and continue to do my time and the work.

I also believe that it is possible to declare harvest time for those gifts that are ready while continuing to sow new seeds while tending to the garden by watering, extracting weeds and keeping the goats out and allowing the good bugs in.

makwande; which is to say that may all that is good expand/multiply/multiply/manifest for all.

The times demand it…


Picture: Kasiinstawalks and Iskeem Semicimbi Collective taken at Goshen Village

yes. yes i do have the right to be this lush and never ending— nejma